LOVWAX02 - Anklepants - SPEEK YOU LITTLE RE-ƒacéé
12" White Vinyl, 320kbps MP3 or Lossless WAV
Cost: Physicals - £7.99. Digitals - £0.99 per track.
Genre: ƒace
Stock: Limited

Anklepants is a project devised by Joshua Head who is currently residing in Berlin. Having carved out a career in animatronics creating prosthetics and robotics for huge films such as 'Star Wars: Episode 3', 'X-Men: Origins' & 'Where The Wild Things Are' etc, Joshua is now focussing more on his own personal projects. Anklepants is a vessel that brings together his passions for intricate machinery, startling creatures and, of course, the best of electronic music.

The SPEEK YOU LITTLE RE-ƒaceéé 12" single comes backed with the track 'Fucking the "Wild"' and is a prime showcase of 'the Anklepants experience'. Both tracks top the 10 minute mark resulting in two club-sized slabs of epic proportions. Whilst the A-side is strictly designed for the biggest and seediest of dancefloors, the B-side takes the form of an anthemia space-prog powerpop ballad - think 'Prince on DMT'.

Fucking The Wild 10:44
SPEEK YOU LITTLE RE-ƒacéé (Radio Edit) 4:37

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