LOV06 - Beatwife - Lord Cornwallis
320kbps MP3 or Lossless WAV
Length 53:54
Genre: Jungle

Love Love favourite Richard Beatwife brings us another installment of his unique acid sound, this time in the form of Lord Cornwallis. Made in sleep deprived states, this style of Richard's music is reminiscent of his early jungle works - with restless rhythms that toss and turn all through the night. Wall to wall acid, fidgety breaks and murky soundscapes converge to form a sludgy, vegged out journey into the unknown.

Causeway 12:48
The Wedgewood Potteries 5:58
The Case Of jenkin's Ear 9:20
Mother Shipton 7:11
Drumclog Moss 10.04
Lord Protector - 8.50

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