LOV03 - Scrase - Silo Fin
320kbps MP3 or Lossless WAV
Length 26:16
Genre: Other

Alien beats meet tranquil soundscapes in this flowing 6 track EP from Scrase, a favourite on Paul Blackford's label, Militant Science. The EP begins gently allows you to transcend your everyday mind set and land upon the lush meadows of sonic exploration. Expanding synths and precision filters take the first tentative steps on a staircase that ascends to a world that is overflowing with creativity. This world is inhabited by the most sublime synths, rolling breaks and powerful bass' coming together to form an ever shifting sonic tapestry of electronic wizardry.

Bloom 1:13
Some 5:51
Silo Fin 7:01
Ice Exploration Party 1:25
Move 5:29
Nested 5:16

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