LOV02 - dLUDEd - Device Works
320kbps MP3 or Lossless WAV
Length 1:06:29
Genre: Experimental

Straight from the caber tossing moors of Aberdeen, acid connoisseur dLUDEd brings Love Love Records this full length album. An engaging montage of clean beats, deep basses and experimental synthesis all packaged within a well-honed, polished production style which is second to none. A digital escape from this mundane world dLUDEd takes you on a journey through an eclectic set of tracks, whether it be the soul soothing pads of Autumn, the rigid rhythms of Troquablush or the mechanical bass of Funnel Funkz, Device Works 2007-2010 will keep intrigued, engaged and entertained throughout.

dodgy ooofa 5:22
funnel funkz 3:52
autumn - light edit 3:13
depot one 1:50
flumed 2:26
evol murma 4:27
flubbin 3:19
hank fiber 4:24
kigytui 5:55
seen it comin 3:25
playAgame 4:25
resovoir JZ96 3:12
stomach salts 4:09
troquablush 4:30
prankup 3:40
suboficus 4:22
sitting in ma spaceship 3:53

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