LOV01 - Beatwife - Export Tennant
320kbps MP3 or Lossless WAV
Length 1:25:32
Genre: Acid

'Beatwife's on the case, so you'd better be prepared for the drums in yer' face' Richard Wilson kicks off the new LOV serial with his debut full length album and a definitive look at his work so far. Made mostly of re-worked classics from his enormous unreleased back-catalogue hand picked by Love Love and presented by Richard in a flowing mix-like fashion. This is what all fans have been waiting for; this is the Beatwife experience.

Fist Puppet 5:25
Tannant Part 1 6:56
Tannant Part 2 6:24
Acidrepository 7:29
Wife School 5:18
No Good For Me 4:35
Tenfold 6:44
Tenfold Tennant 6:29
Frust 6:56
Twist n Roll 3:33
Bassman 2:02
Export Mutant 6:30
Pd Cymbalic 7:17
Driving License 2:05
Becht Funger 5:13
Rolf Snare 2:29

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