LOV00 - Love Love Presents #1
Free MP3 Digital Release 320kbs
Length 1:57:33
Genre: Experimental

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a genre hopping, maelstrom dot rar of mad tunes from Love Love Records in our second free compilation. A bit more tongue-in-cheek than the majority of our releases this 26 track compilation is packed with dance floor bangers, chin-stroking glitches and an eclectic multitude of serious and silly electronic music featuring exclusive tracks from prolific artists such as Shitmat, Missqulater and Twocsinak. The compilation also features a number of unusual tracks such as a hip-hop groove from breakcore jedi Ruby My Dear, a straight up funk jam from drill-master Beatwife and the previously unreleased VIP Edit of Loving The Girl That Hates Me from turbo rave genius weyheyhey !! Additionally there will be a glimpse of future releases with tracks from dLUDEd, Ascetic, Lytton, Future Lab and the mysterious Penguin Cousin with over an hour and a half of mind bending, esoteric nuttiness this is definitely a compilation to add to your music library!

Lenkemz - Plan 6:32
Matt Tha Hat vs. Wom - Are You Ready 5:13
Beatwife - Funk My Life 4:49
Ruby My Dear - Taste 3:35
Missqulater - Light On My 5th Brain 4:35
weyheyhey !! - Loving The Girl (VIP Edit) 5:35
The Fez! - Drum Circle 4:35
Outrun - Caliber 5:10
Shitmat - Future Hype Of Urban Sound 3:35
Alpha Clown - Spot 2:30
Lazer Vision - Orin Test Platform 12 (Prom Wolf - Sirens Song Remix) 4:45
Scrase - No Spice Acid 7:07
Gizmode - Techsik Duncehall 4:56
Twocsinak - Zombies For The Scrub Video Knock At This Door (A cappella) 3:22
Uncle Bad Touch - Mushroom People 1:55
Ascetic - Black Science 5:21
Anorak - Ad-Infinitum 4:20
Casewell - Kennedy 3:32
Ace 21 - I Married Your Mother 3:54
Lennard Kemikalz - Blaxploitation Acid 6:47
Josh Hutton - Into The Wild 6:15
Idiosyn - Idioacid 3:24
dLUDEd - Black Holes feat. W.S Mitchell 4:00
Phuq - Marvey Mills Iz A Bad Scene 3:53
Lytton - I Warned You 2:54
Penguin Cousin - Dogs Lipstick 3:36
The Abominable Mr Tinkler - The Ol' Silent Treatment 0:29

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