LOVMP307 - Bangalore Torpedoes - Little Bispham
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Length: 25:10
Genre: Electronic/Synth Pop/Ambient

Jonathan Valentine slips out of his Chevron outfit to give us this 5 track acid synth pop 'feel good' EP under the psuedonym Bangalore Torpedoes. Little Bispham contains tracks written by Jonathan from 1997 to 2007 with the use of hardware such as the mc-303 and the w-30. The EP opens up with spacious melodies and plip-plopping percussion reinforced by a strong analogue sound. With an almost space-folk feel, tight intricate leads, lovely percussive melodies and sleepy rolling basses lend a subtle brilliance to this EP.

Grace Jones' Cavern Gondalier 3:37
The Mutual Soul Expulsion of Simon and Sting 6:40
Last Night A Stannah Saved My Life 2:53
Conversation 4:19
On Schmo 7:29

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