LOVMP321 - Smurd - Mo Gear
Free MP3 Digital Release 320kbs
Length: 24:39
Genre: Acid/Funk

New acid-meister Smurd delivers an infiltration of Acid Funkery with his debut EP Mo Gear. Containing 5 perfectly well rounded tracks of collected acidic rhythms, highly refined in their explorations into the percussion, synthesis and production areas. This is a joint release with record labels Planet Terror Recordings and Alkalinear recordings. We have all decided to simultaneously mirror this release over the seas of the internet to provide a broader platform for optimal free distribution of this relatively unknown artist's EP.

The EP starts straight in at the deep end with the hot spring exfoliation that is 'Analeto' setting the standard and tone for the whole EP. This is followed by the standout track 'Candy', combining bassy acid squelches with funky hits and a well paced beat. With 'Manvol' and 'Pfilter' we get a continuation of these ecstatic and charming sounds leading up to the finale, 'Messe X', previewing a more open, spaced out sound but with all the same warm sequences and patterns.

Analeto 4:14
Candy 6:48
New Manvol 4:55
Pfilter 4:18
Messe X 4:21

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