LOVMP320 - Petrol Bastard - Jihad Trombone
Free MP3 Digital Release 320kbs
Length: 29:46
Genre: Punk

Trombone Jihad is the debut album from Leeds-based Petrol Bastard featuring Ben Atomgrinder and Jon Tetsuo. Their Punk'n'Bass sound and unpredictable live shows have gained a lot of attention recently and have gained support slots for the likes of Kunt and the Gang. This album takes influences from genres such as Drum'n'Bass, Gabba and 90's Rave scrunching them all together into a distorted punchy mess.

Daryl's Got A Stoop 2:37
Baby In A Binbag 3:12
Bitch Better Be A Meat Eater 3:06
10 Years 2:48
There's Been A Violent Assault On Priory Way 2:03
Petrol Bastard Are Fucking Shit 3:39
Vinnie, I Know How You Feel! 2:04
Sobertron Vs Cunted Army 3:48
Fuck Off Gents (Bonus) 3:13
Baby In A Binbag (Instrumental) 3:12

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