LOVMP319 - Lost Artefacts Compilation
Free MP3 Digital Release Various bit-rate
Length: 30:39
Genre: Jungle/Acid

From the depths of the Love Love back catalogue we bring you this hand picked selection of lost artefacts. Featuring a collection of old and dusty tracks that were previously long-lost or unused for various reasons from some of our more elusive artists, the release features tracks by artists we truly respect. Many of the tracks were rediscovered from old hard drives, found on scratched demo CDs or dug up from old secret directories. Because many of the tracks were drafts or demonstrations of ability, and because a few of these artists remain MIA, some the tracks within this compilation are at lower than the standard 320kbps bit-rate. Made between 2005-2008, all the tracks of this compilation have been chosen for their innovative approach to electronic music and a reflective perspective of life surrounding the artist. An eclectic mix of forgotten treasures, Love Love presents: Lost Artefacts.

Manaca - Maoam 3:23
Lactation Sandwich - 89573xxrtt23.cws 3:20
CTB - Muddy Acd 5:40
The Stang - Chicago Acd 3 Race 2:37
Missqulater - Yeppy 3:25
eN - 99vs07 (Saint Kevin Mix) 3:23
Scrase - Badman 3:12
The Fez! - I Fell On My Face 4:10
Continuum Ratchet - X2hiphadon 1:23

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