LOVMP314 - Uncle Bad Touch
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Length: 30:57
Genre: Humour

Brainchild of the brothers Carter, this is a fairytale of a breakcore release with every sound carefully hand-stolen and presented in a grimm array of plunderphonic sonic intensity. Touching on some fairly riske' subjects, this album pushes the boundaries of bad taste and twists them in ways too shocking to describe. If there was ever a reason for an explicit content sticker, this would be it.

Bum Screws 1:37
Tennis? 0:48
Anus Fairy 1:25
Diseased HIPPY 2:25
Family Games Night 1:02
Ugly Head 1:01
Wobbly Cock 1:49
Relative Wrong Feel 1:53
Mummy has a Red Dress 2:38
Tesco Value Sex Reassignment 0:58
Music Therapy 2:38
Cultured Grooming 0:35
Toy Box of Cum Vomit 3:05
Spiced Baby 0:44
Televised Cancer Death 1:00
Candy Corpse 1:11
Nothings of Nothing 6:00

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