LOVMP313 - Eraserhead vs Gizmode - I Piss On Your Rave
Free MP3 Digital Release 320kbs
Length: 27:37
Genre: Hardcore

This hard and furious split from Eraserhead and Gizmode pulverizes the mind with intricate programming and destructive bass. Kicking off with the fantastically pieced together “Music”, the EP proceeds to take you on a journey of pure gabba genius. The second track “Snaregasm” delivers more than the name suggests; as well as mental snare rolls it unleashes demonic bass and frantic stabs. The third and fourth tracks are remixes by Eraserhead - the former possessing a brilliant half-time intro and breakdown with tight acoustic snares followed by fast paced punchy kicks and a hectic abrasion whilst the latter mangles dancefloors with its complex breaks and jittery melodies. Finally, the EP is capped off with “Sweatpatch” and “Zombie Face Punch” both of which have boisterous bass coupled with manic breaks and kicks that could give you internal bleeding. All in all this E.P. combines masterful production and skillful programming with a sinister edge - not for the faint of heart.

@Website - Music 4:02
@gizmodesoundcloud - Snaregasm 5:26
@gizmodesoundcloud - Painfrisk (@Website Remix) 4:50
Len Fers - Kustard Gannet (@Website Remix) 4:11
@gizmodesoundcloud - Sweatpatch 3:42
@Website - Zombie Face Punch 5:18

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