LOVMP312 - Missqulater - All Things Considered
Free MP3 Digital Release 320kbs
Length: 58:53
Genre: Acid/Electronic

From the land of the rising sun, Missqulater brings us this truly wonderful LP, a mixture of experimental acidic electronica funnelled through fast paced beats and atmospheric synths. A perfect equilibrium between fast and slow, this release quenches the souls thirst for warmth with its intricately layered rhythms and patterns, inciting some truly positive vibes! This album touches on a range of styles from acid jazz, house, braindance to ambient and experimental whilst at all times reinforcing his own idiosyncrasies.

Boomcat 3:37
Furious Calm Down 4:37
Wookie Dookie 1:13
Hide In My Hoodie 5:41
Stop Smoking Peace Light 2:38
Esceed Otter 4:30
Tokyo No Reply 1:40
Charm 2:35
Sir Bleep 3:27
Call His Name 4:04
World's Waiting For 4:02
Jutta Jhokko 2:47
Primal Zuper Acid 5:06
Seize Our Phuture 4:18
Milk Carton Bugs 3:50
Yes, Hang Shit DJs Up 1:19
Brighter Phuture 3:23

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