LOVMP310 - Doc Colibri - Po...pô...Popp!
Free MP3 Digital Release 320kbs
Length: 25:14
Genre: Experimental

Doc Colibri, a precursor to Julian Chastagnol's 'Ruby My Dear' alias, provides us with a ticket to his weird and wonderful world in this fantastic 4 track. 'Faya Bumbaka' kicks off with some lightning-math breaks and solid square bass that'll please your wilder sensibilities. 'Le Plaisir Des Aiguilles' takes a dubbier tone to incite dirty skankery, whilst 'Apaloosa' boasts fidgety acid vibes. The EP culminates with the track, 'So What', full of intricate programming, harsh guitar and piercing strings before dropping into a jazz fuelled dancefloor stonker, that'll have you bouncing off the walls so much, you wont have time to stroke your chin.

Faya Bumbaka 7:39
Le Plaisir Des Aiguilles 4:25
Apaloosa 3:31
So What 9:37

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