LOVJP01 - Beatwife
Format: Lancing pack CD, 320kbps MP3 or Lossless WAV
Length: 1:01:46
Cost: Physicals - £10.00 Digitals - £7.99
Genre: Acid
Stock: Limited

Richard Wilson here provides us with an intermediary instalment of his Cornbrail Acid sound for Japan, compiling an assortment of delights old and new made using his distinctive home-brewed software. Almost a companion to 2014’s ‘Cornbrail Acid 2’, some fans will recognise previously unreleased tracks on this CD such as Snappy and Punch Drummer that have been lurking in the public domain since that time. These tracks, on top of a few select cuts from ‘Cornbrail Acid 2’, provide familiar foundations for this album - whilst the rest of the material will be brand new to all listeners.

Early on 'Abdulio’ kicks things off with a twist, the loose bassline and jaunty rhythms recalling the funkier works of Mr Vibert. Additional new tracks such as ‘Milk Beats’ and ‘WIFE303’ bump around in a familiar fashion, fitting seamlessly alongside older Cornbrail works, yet others hint at developments not yet covered in this series – for example, the hypnotising break workout of ‘Effin Neighbour’ marks a shift in speed and tone to what we have heard of Richard’s recent works, more akin to the collection of older material released earlier this year by Recruit Records on his ‘Earl Rognald’ cassette.

Beatwife has also been granted permission from the Casio Corporation to include some of the results of his recent developmental works - tracks like the playful ‘CASIO Acid Socca’ utilise sounds from this new machinery in an eerie and dream-like way, moulding the melodies into life in Richard’s signature fashion. This mixture of the unearthed and the fresh has been put together as an entry-point for Japan whilst being designed to maintain appeal to existing fans, signalling a new step in Richard’s sonic adventures.

Cornbrail Acid 3より更に前進したBeatwifeのニューミニアルバムは、遥々スコットランドから届けられる真正のエレクトロニックミュージックである。


Fluskings 6:13
Abdulio 4:47
Try Star 3:04
Shell Suits 4:03
Milk Beats 4:29
Hollywood Dole 4:41
Cullinghord Kisser 3:46
WiFE303 3:07
Thrushup 5:07
Punch Drummer 5:00
Effin Neighbour 3:52
Snappy 2:34
Colmatron 7:38
CASIO Acid Socca 3:27

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