Format: Digipack CD, 320kbps MP3 or Lossless WAV
Length: 2:38:12
Cost: Physicals - £4.00 individually or free with any other order. Digitals - Free
Genre: Various
Stock: Limited

To kick-off our first foray into the CD world we present to you a double CD compilation brimming with a wonderfully eclectic selection of forward-thinking music from some of our favourite artists. Taken from all manner of musical circles, this collection of sounds goes a long way to representing every facet of the label's influence and output. Artists we've been working with from the origins of the label and artists we will be releasing far more of in the future sit alongside each other on one release, providing a perfect entry point to the Love Love experience.

All too often variety is hard to find in a singular release, so we have collected together 36 tracks, from 36 artists, into one easily accessible source. Electronic sound experiments sit snugly alongside fine-tuned club constructions and good old fashioned pop music, some fresh and some dug out of forgotten hard drives. Solid nuggets of aural pleasure have been selected; Lakker's inspired ethereal bass music, rugged amplified tracks from Buddy Lee Dickens and H.O.O.F, Ultrademon's OG Seapunk sound, Beatwife's frantic acid sprawl, Scrase's warm melodicism, Valance Drake's glitch mastery, a charged slice from london warehouse hero Ely Muff, FFF's jungle wizardry, digital brutality from Duran Duran Duran collaborating with the elusive Xanopticon, some future wisdom from Goodiepal - the aarhaus warrior and a truly beautiful wandering track from Anklepants, to name but a few.

This release provides a reflection of the musical diversity that we strive to provide. In order to make it completely accessible, the compilation can be downloaded in 320kbps mp3 and WAV formats for free, as well as being available in the form of a very limited double digipack CD, available for free alongside the purchase of any other physical Love Love Records release - while stocks last.

Lakker - Kleure 4.48
dLUDEd - Purple 5.27
Cid James - Army Clobber 4.00
Unseenmachine - Sunshine Trashcan 2.34
Anklepants - Lé Cavé: isnt it funny to think
once apon a time people thought the world
was blue, white, flat and squaré 3.36
FFF - Schemin' 5.43
Kanji Kinetic - Real Funky 5.39
Steve - Tropicaller 5.42
Eraserhead - Polyfall 4.10
Josh Hutton - From Home To Home 4.36
Earl Grey - Jamal Dub 5.33
Beastmaster - Country Bumpkin 2.57
Ultrademon - Find Basis Faster 5.02
Goodiepal - Back to Trance 4.12
Twocsinak - It's Frankly Incredible 1.48
Smurd - Other Nights 4.12
Animal Noise - No 5.41
Scrase - Fordad 3.34
Beatwife - Acid Jockey 3.22
Henry Homesweet - Whomp 4.13
Ely Muff - Guide To Hip 4.27
HVAD - Angst 4.45
Valance Drakes - A Shadow of a Dream 4.03
H.O.O.F - Modern Pleasure 3.58
Duran Duran Duran & Xanopticon - Shot Blood 7.13
The Abominable Mr Tinkler - Bourbon Original Beats 2.17
Buddy Lee Dickens - Smoking 1.52
Kitech - Panda 6.20
LynxFX - Lovely Bits 4.59
Lazer Vision - Tktk Wire 4.59
LionFX - Pantagruel 1.58
AERWAX - PULSE SCR (Snowball Mix) 5.41
Ruby My Dear - AKut 5.29
Fast Lady - Love Dictator (The Colonel Remix) 4.09
Unknown Artist - Untitled 4.03

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