dLUDEd is Tristan Page - a South African born musician and producer currently residing in Aberdeen. Having been making music for decades, he has developed a specialism in his own, hyper-modern strain of the braindance sound, carefully constructing multi-genre bass movements with his hugely varied array of equipment. With an ear for melodies that excite and delight, dLUDEd pursues an instinctive sense of progression that is evident in all his music, as his music slips and slides between moods effortlessly.
His debut release 'Device Works' provides a brilliant showcase of the control he has over his machinery, masterfully bridging the gap between dance music and brain stimulation. A natural ability to augment lush pop-style melodies into stylistically shifting sonic journeys means his output is always consistent - all of it polished and 'shrink-wrapped' in dLUDEd's silky aural packaging.

Featured on the following Love Love Records releases:

dLUDEd/Rootless Productions
[email protected]
N_ILK at the
botanics 2010
[email protected]
Last Bus Depot
dLUDEd, Beatwife and Techmoe
in the studio

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