Setting fire to dancefloors with chopped breaks, deadly deep subs, soundclash mentality and pure euphoria. FFF started "djing" on 2 turntables (without pitch control) in the early 90s. Mixing mainly rave, techno and the sparse UK breakbeat hardcore imports that arrived at his local record shops. His first steps into making music were combining sounds from vinyl mixed with tapeloops, sounds from his sisters keyboard and a lot of feedback. Things changed big time when his parents bought a PC and his friends turned him onto tracker software.

In the mid 90s he started the cassette label "Orange Socks" on which he released his own material plus music from his friends and artists he met through tapetrading. He released his first track on vinyl in 2001 (on the French Necromaniacs Industry label) and from then on kept releasing on a wide range of labels his first full length album "20.000 Hardcore Members Can't Be Wrong" was released on the Japanese Murder Channel Label in 2011. And the follow up "Keep The Fire" in 2013. In 2001 Bong-Ra & FFF organized the Breakcore a GoGo parties. These became one of the first regular Breakcore nights in Europe. When BCGG ended in 2004, FFF continued to promote breakcore & Jungle on the monthly Wreck havoc nights which never officially stopped and still pop up once in a while.FFF is an obsessive vinyl collector. A trip to the record shop, flea market, thrift stores, record fair and the element of surprise that comes with crate digging are most of the times the basic inspiration for a new track.

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Cafe Barzilay
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The Feeling
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Rave New World

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