Long time Love Love Favourite Henry Collins is an experimental musician, video artist, sculptor and all round gent, currently living in Bristol after nearly a decade of mashup blood-clot biznizz, globetrotting as the notorious 'Shitmat' and head honcho of the infamous Wrong Music label in Brighton. He retired this project with his Love Love debut under the Tafkas moniker (The Artist Formally Known As Shitmat). An exciting producer and performer, adept at keeping an audience on their toes, while his longer length releases take the listener on insightful and detailed journeys. He recently released a well received album under the Misty Conditions moniker, a long-time collaboration project with Richard Wilson (aka Beatwife) on Planet Mu Records, and is working extensively in the Sound Arts domain with performing his music in strange venues such as swimming pools. His work will continue to break boundaries and turn heads under any alias he chooses to use.

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